PROBLEM: Health Care Assosisted Infections (HAI)

HAI is a global problem directly caused by inadequate hand hygiene (mostly in hospitals). In Europe, it is estimated that HAI accounts for approx. 7 billion in direct costs and this numbers an additional 16 million extra days spent by patients in European hospitals – as a direct result for poor hand hygiene.

Resani Hand Sanitizing Technology (Resani HST)

RESANI HST is a product that allows health care workers (HCW), patients, visitors and others to drastically enhance their hand hygiene in less than 15 seconds, in an accessible, reliable and sustainable manner.

RESANI HST combines attractive design with an automatic hand sanitizer (AHS), a disinfection cartridge, and user monitoring technology (UMT), which motivates frequent use and drastically improves hand hygiene.

Key Innovation

RESANI HST consists of (1) an automatic hand sanitiser (AHS), (2) a disinfection cartridge (DC), and (3) user monitoring technology (UMT) which combined forms an accessible, sustainable and reliable product that will motivate frequent use and drastically improve hand hygiene. Therefore, RESANI HST can radically reduce the occurrence of HAI globally.

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