Resani Hand Sanitising Technology for Safer Lives

Our vision is that Health Care Associated Infections (HAI) and other infections spread by hand are eliminated through access to easy and efficient hand sanitizing technology that saves lives by enhancing hand hygiene. We are committed to developing solutions that limit the spread of and the exposure to harmful bacteria, fungi and virus in order to ensure safer environments for all persons in risk zones.

Our mission is to increase hand sanitising compliance and thereby mitigate Health Care Associated Infections (HAI) and other infections spread by hand. We will do so by equipping actual and potential risk zones with easy and efficient hand sanitising technology that drastically enhances hand hygiene; alongside the latest documented knowledge within the field of hand sanitation, user monitoring, and bacterial, fungal and viral prevention.

Petter A. Mehren
Founder / Board Member
Phone: +47 900 35 190

Ingvild M.S. Løken
Head of Communication
Phone: +47 920 27 081

Rune Nesseth
Chairman of the Board
Phone: +47 917 26 468

Siv Staubo
Board Member

Christian Skrivervik
EU & International Affairs

The Resani Advisory Board

Werner H. Christie

MD (University of Oslo, 1979). Norway’s first Minister of Health, serving in Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland’s cabinet from 1992 to 1996. His main teaching (BI, Norwegian Business School, Oslo) and research interests are related to life science, innovation and public health policies.

Camilla M. Haglerød

PhD in Neuroscience. Department of Anatomy, University of Oslo. Board member of The Life Science Cluster, Oslo, Norway.

Daniel Sørli

MD (University of Oslo, 2011). GP and Co-founder / CEO of Dr. Dropin AS, Norway.

Resani AS
Kvitsøygata 15
4014 Stavanger, Norway

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ORG NUMBER: 914 752 841